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Electronics tray for sale?

(Christian Uhlenfeldt) #1

Hi there,

Long time reader, first time poster!

I’m wondering if it’s possible to buy the electronics tray (for RPi + PixHawk) included in the BlueROV kit on it’s own? Considering starting a built with more or less that electronics package and your watertight enclosures but with a custom frame.



(Rusty) #2

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your post! We do have the tray available separately but it’s not listed on our main site. You can find it here: https://www.bluerobotics.com/store/watertight-enclosures/4-series/electronics-tray/

We’ll actually have a new and improved version of this tray in a little over a month, so you might want to wait for that!



(Christian Uhlenfeldt) #3

Thanks Rusty, I’ll wait for the new version!

(Christian Uhlenfeldt) #4

Looks like you have the updated version out, though ‘unlisted’ – can you confirm Rusty?



(Rusty) #5

Hi Christian,

We don’t have the new one posted yet. I’m not sure what you’re seeing. We should be able to launch the new one within a few weeks.


(Christian Uhlenfeldt) #6

Haha sorry! Been away for a while and compared the product picture with what I thought was a previous version that I had downloaded and used in my work-in-progress schematics, but that turned out to be of a well done home made built. I’ll keep quiet and be patient a while longer :slight_smile: