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Do a NVIDIA JETSON fit inside the Blue Rov

Has anyone successfully changed a rasberry pi with a Nvidia jetson module?
if yes what components can fit into the BLUE ROV?

Thanks i advance.

Hi @Danieltarp, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in whether a particular component will fit in the electronics enclosure, I’d suggest you start by downloading the 3D models from the Technical Details sections of the enclosure and the electronics tray. That way you can check if 3D models of the components you’re interested in fit within the enclosure around or in the place of the existing electronics :slight_smile:

I haven’t worked with Nvidia products, but I would note that they have several different types of Jetson module, so this question is quite ambiguous. You may find it relevant to search the forum for ‘Jetson’ to see which devices others have used and discussed here, in case you’re not sure which module you’re wanting to use :slight_smile:

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