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Electromagnet Control

I am trying to incorporate these 12V permanent electromagnets to the BlueROV. The goal is to control a switch with the Pixhawk so that when activated, power is supplied to the electromagnet and the magnetic field is neutralized. The switch will be passively open and no power will be supplied to the magnets. Does anyone have any advice as to how this circuitry should be designed and any recommendations to specific hardware that I should purchase. I would think this should be a pretty simple task.

Here is a link to the electromagnets: APW Company: EML32mm-12 - Round Permanent Electromagnet 32 mm Dia. 12 volts DC - Holding 40 lbs.

Thank You!

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…a little of topic, but do you consider that this will make problems for the compass/gyro?? but Tnx for the tip… never considered this, but å Good “tool” holder/grabber it would be;) (but is it possible to isolate them?)
5V 12V 24V Relay Module With Optocoupler Relay Output 1 2 4 6 8 Way Relay Module For Arduino|Relays| - AliExpress …this would do it for the powersupply, and you have a “powerpack” all in all… Or for (old school)…you make a "normally closed"circut… for that you need(anyway) :5PCS Waterproof Automotive Relay 12 V/24 V 5pin 40A Car Relay Automotive Relay Relay Harness Relay Socket For Car Audio System|Car Switches & Relays| - AliExpress …but you can only use This( for your purpose), bec it has a 5V control voltage, but making a Powerpac you can have even moore tools or what you want;) feks the BR motor for a cutter or a polisher… or whatever you need;) Buuut i havent thougt about this things since 1991(but proudly i remembered the word from schooldays(i was in doubt if that was just hydraulic;)…maby im making this difficult or are thinking wrong? you want the switch to be the opposite to what it gives?