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Effect of vibration of thruster on the hull

HI all!

I am planning to attach the thruster (4 for horizontal motion and 2 for vertical motion) directly to the hull. The hull will be housing all of the electronics.

Would like to know whether the vibration caused by the thrusters hamper the working of the vehicle!

Vibration should me minimal and shouldn’t affect your vehicle. With the thrusters being that close to the hull and electronics, I would be mindful of the magnetic fields from the thrusters as they may throw off your compass readings.

Thank you for your response!

In the attachment, you will be able to see that the thrusters will be placed at 30cm (Translatory thrusters) and 24cm (Depth thrusters) from the centre (as marked). Would like to know whether this kind of positioning of thrusters will affect the working of the sensors.

Kindly guide me.

Thank you,

Sharath Chandar