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DropCamera system

(CSquire) #41

Oh, just noticed there a few SMD caps on the board too, i’ll see if i have and send along to or solder on if not i’ll let you know.


(SonarGuy) #42

Great news, it will be a nice birthday present for me :slight_smile: which was two days ago. Sent information through the website. I will work on them and let everyone know. Thanks a lot again.

(CSquire) #43

Drop Camera Update: Completed pool testing and 1st sea test also working with local high school robotics club added and instrument module to allow measurement of pH, salinity and dissolved oxygen. Added USB port to top side controller for laptop connection for data display and logging.



(Rusty) #44


Awesome! This is looking really professional and polished. I like it.

Any idea how deep you went in the first test?


(CSquire) #45

not more than 60ft just because the bottom was around 70-80 ft where we were and with the swells I did not want to strike the bottom hard. The system was not set-up on this dive with the dive weight that would let it settle buoyantly above the bottom. next time though…thanks!