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DropCamera system

(knowconcept) #21

Nice project. What are you using for your velocity transducer?


(CSquire) #22

Hi, the water velocity sensor is a savonius rotor type of my own design 3d printed. uses a small embedded magnet and hall effect sensor to generate pulses every revolution these are counted by the arduino to generate a water current value. for more info on this and the sensor follow this link



(knowconcept) #23

Very cool all over design! I was curious about the transducer because we design electromagnetic velocity sensors for streams, sewers, oceans, and for boat speedometers. No moving parts. My interest is always piqued when I hear “Water Velocity Sensor”.

Thanks for sharing.

(CSquire) #24

I had looked at commercial electromagnetic sensors but they were too costly and more complex to design than the

rotor, can you share your website or sensors, i’d be interested in checking out



(knowconcept) #25

These guys purchased the product line for the flow sensor in pipes - http://www.hachflow.com/flow-sensors/flo-tote.cfm

The handheld flowmeter: http://www.hachflow.com/flow-meters/fh950.cfm

Our current company designs Forward and Leeway sensors for performance boats… as well as other custom Faraday based electromagnetic sensing. - http://www.brickhouseinnovations.com

(SonarGuy) #26

Is it possible to share STL files just for Pan & Tilt System ?

(CSquire) #27

Sure, can share stl files. are you interested in just the pan/tilt camera or pan camera and pan light as well. anyway you may still need the specific parts i.e. servos, gears, slip-ring, camera etc to recreate a working unit. Are you interested in these part numbers and sources. I can get these in time as i am pretty busy right now but if you need i will dig thru my documents. BTW for more info check this thread has more posts about the pan tilt system. http://forum.seemecnc.com/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=9089&p=95401&hilit=pan+tilt#p95401


(SonarGuy) #28

3D STL files will be perfect at the moment, “bill of materials” can be later, no hurries for that. Thank you.

(CSquire) #29

Hi SonarGuy,

i’ll try to get the stl files together in the next few days. in the meantime here is the actual pan & tilt 3d model in creocad direct modeling express. It is a free download here http://www.ptc.com/cad/elements-direct/modeling/express

the pan tilt has limit switches not shown on the model, also there is a mini slip-ring so it can turn continuously.

creocad can export the model parts as .stl you just have to specific the part an format under the same menu.


pan_tilt_latest (374 KB)

(SonarGuy) #30

Thanks for your sharing, now this will be the start, i plan to come up with something special, of course will detail later. Again, many thanks…

(SonarGuy) #31

I have completed 3D printing and digging off-the-shelf components saved my day, here’s what i found and trying to use :

Senring : SNM012A-12
Fitec : FS90R - 360deg. Cont. Servo
Parallax : 360deg. Cont. Servo (not sure if this is compatible with the spur gear)

Do you remember the gear manufacturer/model/specs ?

(CSquire) #32

hi Sonar Guy, sorry for the delay, i must have missed the notification of your post on my email.

i am going to look up those parts right now…

BTW nice print, what is the printer your are using if i may ask, i use orion delta by seemecnc.

(CSquire) #33

qty description link

(1) https://www.servocity.com/hsr-1425cr-servo

(2) https://www.servocity.com/0-625-5-8-bore-flat-bearing-mount


(1) https://www.servocity.com/32p-24t-c1-spline-servo-mount-gears-metal

**** the 12T/32pitch version****


(1) https://www.servocity.com/32-pitch-acetyl-hub-gears-0-1875-face

****** 36 tooth or maybe 46 tooth *****

you may want to double check dimensions before getting these parts as i am pretty sure they are correct

but i could have made an error as i had to dig thru my old papers to find.

hope that works, let me know if any other questions

(CSquire) #34

slip ring off ebay


(CSquire) #35

BTW if you need position feedback on the pan/tilt camera i have a small pcb that uses a ring magnet and ic sensor to generate an analog voltage relative to rotation position. i’d be happy to send you a set - no charge - total size is about that of a couple pennys. I use it on the system pan camera and pan light to sync them together in rotation i pretty sure they would fit on the p/t unit to since the designs are almost identical.

(SonarGuy) #36

Thank you for the short BOM, i will get them asap, i have been also busy with printing some gears to test. I use Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer, rather to use PETG but now i only have ABS filament material. Gears in photos are Module 1, a bit noisy and will wear shortly but okay for tests.

(SonarGuy) #37

I will be glad to have one and include it, current plan is to utilize a tilt compensated compass (BNO055 or similar) to keep heading, twisting is an issue for drop camera systems, using the joystick all the time to have a steady record is a busy task, instead i work on a solution to install a push button on surface to lock the heading, to minimize the effect of water current and cable twisting :stuck_out_tongue:

(CSquire) #38

sure no prob, i have lots since the pcbs came in qty of ten when fabbed. anyway i’ll get them together and when ready let you know to get contact and shipping address. sound very interesting what your doing, i may consider something similar as presently just have a vertical fin for stablization. still need to do full ocean test and see how things work.


(SonarGuy) #39

Vertical fin helps stabilization if there is enough current, but does not help for cable twisting :frowning: An electronic stabilization is necessary i believe, a future plan is integration of pressure sensor for auto tilting, of course both will be set with a switch/button on surface.

(CSquire) #40

Hi Sonar Guy,

I have 3 small pcbs and 3 ring magnets to ready to send. If you provide your shipping address i’ll send asap.

you can email your address via my website contact page at https://alchemdesign.com/contact/

BTW You will need to get at one of these ic’s for each board you use


they are a pre-programmed analog out magnet rotary position sensor, i place the ring magnet on rotation axis

and the sensor off axis on the same plane, seems to work for my application.