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Diy Hybrid BR topside 220v

Hi some pics of the project… power pod is made from a old scuba botle tested to 200m with home cast aluminium flange.

1500w psu subsea and a dc boxtopside works great with a 2kw inverter generator

Ca 40 kg


I love it! This little thing is so powerful that I’ve felt the same, that it could handle a waaaaaay bigger frame no problem. Super cool. Can you post some more pics and maybe video of it in action?

Hi thanks her are some random pics i am not able to upload videos hmmm is it just me or my iphone video files🤔

Flange is 20mm

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If I could just ping you with some random questions…

What tether are you using?

What material is the buoyancy and what is the coating?

2kw generator means you’re sending 120vac down?

How does it fly?

Was the purpose to make room for specialty equipment?


Haha, victoria secret model, yes she is very thin.

I’ve been eyeballing this stuff for a coating, but it’s a little pricey:

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Did you leave room to double up the axial vectored thrusters?

No i did not but that is just a matter of grinding the bracets are welded😝 it requier more power now i can manage with a smal 2kw inverter gennerator scaling up to ca 4kw requier a much more costly gennerator and less fun to handle the rov ended up a bitt on the heavy side but its easy to managable with 2 persons and possible with on