Dissolved epoxy on old penetrators

Does anyone know a way of dissolving the epoxy in old penetrators without using something that might harm the cable jacket or wires?

I’ve not tried, but with most two-part epoxies…once they’re set, they’re set forever. Any chemical you might use to dissolve the cured epoxy would also likely damage the jacket on the cable. And any mechanical means you might use (like a Dremel or something) would be pretty risky in terms of also damaging the cable jacket.


Hi @johng,
in fact, that’s pretty simple …

I did a short video to show you.
You just need a thermostatically controlled heat gun ( and a ventilated area ! )
The optimum temperature is about 230°C, and it take less than 2 minutes …


Hi Luc

Thanks for the tip and the great video! I had tried soaking the penetrator overnight in vinegar which I had read about but that did nothing so I gave your solution a try and it worked perfectly! Much appreciated!

glad it helps ! :grinning:

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