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Difference between I2C level converters

What is the difference between the Blue Robotics I2C level converter and others available? The only thing I can see is that the output has the option for 5V as well as 3.3V, both are bidirectional.

I am using a Bar02 pressure sensor and it works great from the Blue Robotics one, but when I connect it to a 3rd party one, it won’t work. The only difference is the 3rd party one is set to 3.3v but the specs say that is OK. What 3rd party ones (with more channels) will work, I would like to have additional sensors use the same converter.

Hi Steve,

The Amazon link does not provide any datasheet or information about the components, so I can’t explain what is going wrong for you.
But any generic I2C converter should do the work.

About our converter, you can check the schematic and the project files on the production page.

The main component is the PCA9603, and from the amazon link it appears that the board that you got don’t use this specific component.