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Bar30 and Celsius together to Arduino

Do I need to use 2 logic-level-converters if I want to run Bar30 and Celsius fast response on an Arduino board and what if I want to use the I2c Bus splitter - how do I connect this?

Hi @Mikxie,

You only need one logic level converter in this case. Both sensors should be connected to the 3.3v side of the converter. You can use the cable provided with the I2C Bus Splitter to connect it to the Logic Level Converter and then plug your sensors into the splitter.


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Hi Rusty,

If my arduino board only has 3.3 v, is it just a matter of mooving the jumber/soldering from 5v to 3.3 v?

Or do the sensors need 5v?


Hi @Mikxie, if your Arduino board runs at 3.3v, then you don’t need the Logic Level Converter at all! You can just connect the Arduino directly to the splitter.