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Data string output

(Matt) #21

Hi Jacob

I will be running a separate application on the same PC as QGC. This software will be taking in all applicable data such as depth, heading, altitude, applicable sensors, GPS location, video … basically anything important. Its a logging and inspection software for professional applications. I will only be using QGC as a piloting portal.

Will your mentioned HTML / REST API be able to work for me like this?, i need some way for my application to access all the data that QGC is basically storing.
Or do you have any other ideas what I might be able to do to access data?

Thanks heaps for any assistance with this.

(Jacob) #22

You can use the rest api, or you can just use the same mavlink api that qgc and the rest api use. Is there any reason not to add this functionality to QGC?

(Matt) #23

Im going to be running a video eventing software for inspection applications. Recording 4 cameras while eventing, anomoly ID, and providing live overlay with animations etc … its a way to provide very good client deliverable’s with very little post job processing.
So far iv seen no way to do this with QGC?

How would i go about using the same API that QGC uses? Where would I start?
What would the software need to know in order to read the API please?


(Patrick José Pereira) #24


The best alternative is to extend QGC for what you want. If you are using rtsp for video transmission in your cameras, you’ll just need to extend the video qml widget (FlightDisplayView.qml) with a Video component. If you are not using rtsp, you can just add more FlightDisplayView elements.

This is pretty simple to do also, you just need to read about Animation, anchors and position/layout.

But, if you really want to do from the ground, you should check the mavlink website, everything that you need about the protocol will be available there.