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Connection Problem to Pixhawk

Yesterday, we connected with ethernet (about 70MBPS) and started the ROV, got data from DVL, BMS and sonar, we dived with the ROV, we started the thrusters, but now we can’t connect to Raspberry and Pixhawk, we can’t receive data and we can’t perform any operation. We cannot reset Pixhawk. We can see the version of Pixhawk, but we cannot upload a different version. We can read but not write in Pixhawk. We had this problem before and it worked for a while after replacing Pixhawk with a new Pixhawk, but as I mentioned, we are also experiencing the above problems with the current Pixhawk. (It works when connected to Pixhawk in ROV with Raspberry without any external connection.)

Hi @ugurdemirezen,

I’m a bit unclear on what exactly you’re experiencing.

Is the issue that you lost connection to the ROV when you ran your thrusters (in which case this topic may be relevant), or are you saying after a successful ROV dive your Pixhawk stopped working and wasn’t able to be reconnected to even after restarting the power (or perhaps something else)?

It would be helpful if you could provide some more information about your system. In particular:

  1. What kind of power supply are you using? (e.g. battery/OTPS/other, power output capacity)
  2. Are you using a Pixhawk from us, or a different version from somewhere else?
  3. How are you powering your Pixhawk and Raspberry Pi (e.g. are you using our 5V 6A BEC?)
  4. What companion and ArduSub versions are you running? (there’s an issue currently that means it’s not possible for Companion to automatically download new Pixhawk firmwares unless it’s first updated to version 0.0.30)