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Chineese fingers / Kellums grip 750kg force

… new batch of Chinafingers arrived today… 6-10mm 750kg Galvanized 55$, (450 Nok), and 9-15mm Stainless 1200kg 65$ (500 Nok) :wink: Handmade in Norway,. a smaal but important detail., you want your tether to be your wank link to . …

I think I’d like to buy one, but is it possible to get the 6-10mm version in stainless?

…no it itsnt, but in the long run i think this will survive the Tether… i get it from the Solo supplier to Certex so the quality is As good as you Get. :wink:

I assume the stainless is the shorter one on the right? And are you using the galvanized version yourself? Don’t think I’ll be doing much saltwater stuff and even if I did, I’d rinse it every use, so I’m sure the galvanized is fine.

…i got som bigger handmade too, bec ive seen a lot is using other tethers… i earn two beer on this so ,) ( but i still dont know what dim. my teher will be, im making my own now https://www.facebook.com/Arctic-Subsea-Robotics-302153853974072/?modal=admin_todo_tour …but busy about the frame now… 1000m rating ;)) …had to start thinking myself, so No limit there anymoore;) 500m is Wayy easyer and half the price :wink:

What is the length of the galvanized and what is the length of the stainless? Also, if we want to order one, is there a website, or do we paypal?

Galvanized, 350mm , and Stainless, 9mm-15mm , 400mm Paypal for now… its just for sharing… i get two beers, but still have to go to the store :wink:

Best way to contact you would be through the message system in this forum and send our email address and you’ll send an invoice?

Shipping worldwide?

Also, are those pressure tolerant servos available?

By all means… this is what i have and if someone wants them(thats why i put out this picture;) Shipping worldwide… you pay shipping, i pay to get the 2 Beers :wink: …lets go PM?

…im just doing this for fun…or else my web shop would be up, but im aming a Bit higher… and dont have the time for this now… :wink: https://www.facebook.com/Arctic-Subsea-Robotics-302153853974072/?modal=admin_todo_tour

Christian, have you tried the Times Microwave Hoisting Grips? Same concept, but much cheaper and stainless at around $20. I think the correct size would be the HG-400T…

…its just one eye, so you will drag the tether on just one side…i prefer two eyes, but better than a lot else on the marked :wink: