Cannot Find the Leak

After installing a temperature sensor and repairing an issue of the laser, the software detected a leak. It was only a drop inside the main cabin. The sensor is firmly bonded with the rear plate. Underwater the left laser radiated the ray in a completely wrong direction fanned out.

I cleaned all sealing rings and lubricated them with new silicon grease.

During a new deployment, a leak has been detected in a depth of 2m. Inside the main cabin in the front, I saw ca. 20ml water. At home, I tried to find the leak with a leak detection spray, without success.

How can I locate the leak? I want to avoid to put the ROV underwater with overpressure. I suspect that the leak is in the laser. Can there be a connection via the laser to the main cabin? A connection is definitely between battery chamber and main cabin.

Hi @dr_stony -
I’m not sure what you’re referring to by the “laser” - but it is indeed possible for gas and liquids to travel between housings along cables. If you’re using any potted penetrators, these are a frequent source of leak failures as well.
This video shows how you can pressurize an enclosure to find leaks with super soapy water, it may help!

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If you have blank penetrators, change them out with the normal penetrators one by one and do a vacuum test after each one. A little time consuming, but that’s how i manage to find some tricky leaks.

I’ve had one in a thruster cable twice, so it does not have to be in the penetrator itself.

I made this electric vacuum pump to test it much faster.