Can silicone grease be used on seal

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i slide the seal and plug down and insert them into the penetrator bulkhead,but the jacket diameter is a little big,its hard to slide the seal ,can silicone grease be used on seal? thank you!

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In step 3 of our How to Choose a WetLink Penetrator Guide we recommend going up a size if the cable doesn’t fit:

From our internal testing:

You can try at your own risk if you want to, but understandably the seal only works if the cable stays in the penetrator :slight_smile:

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On any type of “stuffing tube” style penetration … DO NOT use grease on the seal. The whole point of the seal is to obtain an intimate surface contact between the packing and the cable jacket.

If you use grease of any type, understand that the layer of grease will act as part of the volumetric space when the seal is compressed. The grease can flow out later.

Even when using something like DC-4 on O-rings is something you put a lite coating on and when I say lite, I mean in such a manner that you are just wetting the surface. To much grease on an O-ring can lead to blow by. The grease is to allow for your two surfaces, while engaging, to have a better slip so you don’t abrade the seal … that is it.

In our plant we test cables daily to very high pressure and this has worked for the 28 years that I have been doing testing in my shop.