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Camera ip address and port number ask

I want to use the bluerov camera like an ip camera.
cam = cv.videoCapture(’?ip addr:port?’)
I don’t know what to put in parentheses.
It seems to be, but I don’t know the PORT number.

Hi @HanJIK,

Unfortunately that is not possible. We do have instructions for integrating with OpenCV using Gstreamer, though.

Thank you for answer.

Do you have sample code using opencv and gstreamer??
udpsink host =‘ip’, multiudpsink clients ='ip 'Is the page to be edited>

I’ll ask you one more

Is there a way to determine the FPS and Frame size of the qgc control screen??

Yes, that is the correct place.

From QGC? no.
Using OpenCV it should be relatively easy. Keep in mind that the camera Framerate can change with the luminosity conditions in the standard configuration, and that video processing is very processing intensive and you may need to lower the resolution or skip some frames.

Thank you

Is it possible to use the python code in the link modify ?

I tried running the Receive and display stream-python code shown in the link you provided (http://www.ardusub.com/developers/opencv.html).
Execution result

I get an error as shown in the picture.
Could it be a solution >>??
Environment is win10, mingw64.
gstreamer options

The error says you have an extra exclamation mark in the port in the code. it should be 4777, not 4777!.

in the gstreamer option
Not! Should I correct it?
if not
video = Video(port=4777!)

in the gstreamer option
Not! Should I correct it?
if not
video = Video(port=4777!)

I even created a video object.

I want to ask you one more question.

I want to measure FPS on a video object.

like in opencv
cam = cv.videocapture()
height = cam.get(cv.CAP_PROB_FRAME_HEIGHT)
I want to know the code to get the height.