Bridge serial problem

Hi there,

I cannot list the serial devices in the bridges menu:

In the past, the devices(pixhawk, bms and etc) was shown there but now I cannot list.

I enter the red-pill mode, and run this command on linux of raspberry.

screen /dev/ttyUSB0 9600

And I succeded on reading BMS. I don`t know why the serial is not listed in bridge menu.

Do you have any clue?

Hi @elchinaslanli,

A few questions:

  1. Which BlueOS version are you running?
    • Can you try updating to the latest beta image (1.1.0-beta.15)?
  2. Are there any notifications or errors when you try to list the ports?
  3. Are you using a Raspberry Pi 3B or 4B?
  4. Which flight controller are you using?

Hi @EliotBR ,

I was using (1.1.0-beta.14) now I upgraded to (1.1.0-beta.15). Still no change:

I am getting these errors:

I am using Raspberry 4

I am using Pixhawk as flight controller.

Looking forward to hear from you, thanks in advance.

It sounds like the bridges service is dead. can you share the last log file at http://blueos.local:7777/file-browser/files/var/logs/blueos/services/bridget/ ?

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Hi @williangalvani ,

Here is the log file that you requested:

logfile_02-14-2023_08_27_09.log (688 Bytes)

Looking forward to hear from you.