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Bore camera question

I want to build a camera that I can drop down a vertical shaft. The overall unit does not need mobility and the shaft is 8" in diameter… I was thinking the 4" housing, flat plates at both ends, weighted at the bottom with the servo, low light camera looking through the body of the tube.

How much distortion does the tube itself impart, has anyone tried pointing a camera out through the tube itself? I guess I could have tube cut down to a small length and send it down sideways but I am hoping to spin the camera on a servo so I don’t have to try to reorient the unit just to see around the tube.

The image is not distorted too much, it would be fine for an inspection I think. The old openrov 2.6-2.8 pointed the camera out of the side of the tube like you are describing, you can check some youtube videos.

Thanks, I did just that and the distortion is pretty minimal in the videos.