Blueboat Offshore Legalities UK

Good morning. We are looking at using our Blueboat Offshore, deployed from a research vessel.

With the new Workboat Code 3 in force covering Autonomous vehicles, can anyone advise what regulations and rules we must follow with regards to using our Blueboat.

Is there a minimum level of training required for a USV operator?

We are a commercial organisation.

Hi @BryanGT -
I found and reviewed the code you’re referring too.

It seems to indicate that ROUVs “remotely operated unmanned vessels” - (yet another acronym!) are included in their regulations when in commercial use.

Generally I believe that these requirements only apply to BlueBoats navigating “at sea” - and it may be a grey area if something as small as the BlueBoat is considered a Workboat.
I would recommend contacting your local authorities for feedback on what might be required!