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Blue Robotics Battery Life


Do you have any data regarding the shelf life or functional life of your Li-Ion battery? Years or number of cycles?

Also, do you have a materials safety data sheet for the battery?


(Adam) #2

Hi Ben,
You can find life cycle information on the Samsung 30Q cells used in our battery here. Lifespan will depend on a large number of factors, including charge current, discharge current, temperatures, and depth of discharge, but it appears you should expect the battery to retain at least 70-75% of its original capacity even after 300 cycles.

You can also find storage and shelf life information on the cells in the datasheet. The battery should be stored at 3.7V/cell (14.8V) at 20-30°C for maximum shelf life. The cells will self discharge over time, and as long as they are charged back to storage voltage every few months to keep from dipping below 3.0V/cell they can be stored for years.

If you need the battery MSDS, please email us at support@bluerobotics.com and we will get it to you.



Thanks Adam. I’ve requested the MSDS via email.

(hirata kazuki) #4


I am Kazuki Hirata from Japan.
I bought a blue robotics in Japan and wanna bring it to Taiwan.
so i have a problem I cant bring the litium ion battery .its too big to bring in the airplane .

can i also send E-mail to support@bluerobotics.com to get a MSDS??

thank you

(Adam) #5

Hi @kazuki,

That’s correct, our battery cannot be taken on board commercial passenger aircraft. If you would like a detailed MSDS and other regulatory documentation, please send us an email at support@bluerobotics.com.


(hirata kazuki) #6

Dear Mr.Adam

Thank you so much for your reply .

I sent a request about MSDS for litium ion bettery and I got it .

thak you for help me to bring Blue Robotics to Taiwan.