Blanks? Wetlink vs Standard

Is there any benefit to using the new BlueROV blank WetLink penetrators (WetLink Penetrator Blank (No Hole, available with M06, M10, or M14 threads)) vs the old style blanks (Cable Penetrator Blank (No Hole))? Are the old ones being phased out in favor of the new WetLinks? I do not see a depth rating on the old style. If a user needed a few new blanks, any reason to get the Wetlinks vs the Standards?

Hi @FairweatherIT,

The full WetLink range has undergone significant testing and verification to an extent that we weren’t able to do when designing and releasing our initial penetrators. Looking at the product pages, the primary differences are

  • the WetLink blanks have a verified specification for things like operating temperature, installation torque, and depth rating
  • the WetLink blanks use 7075-T6 aluminium, which is stiffer and significantly stronger than the 6061-T6 aluminium used in the original blanks
  • the WetLink blanks have a different profile, so should interface better with the new Bulkhead Wrench options (relevant if already using the tools for other penetrators)
  • they look different, so it may look more professional/cohesive to have penetrators in the same style (which some people may care a lot about, and others not at all)

I believe that’s the longer term plan, although I don’t know if we’ve got a timeline for it