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BESC30-R3 via I2C

Hello everyone,
I would like to connect ESC to micriocontroler via I2C. I read about this communication witch oldest version of driver, but i couldn’t find any solutions for the R3 version. I saw 4 smal pads on board. One of then is a GND and 3 others had voltage on 3.3 lvl . Are they SCL and SDA pins with Ground and 3,3V output pins ? If yes, which ones are ?

thank to everyone for any help.

It is not possible to control the R3 escs via I2C. We do not have any I2C escs in our store.

OK, thanks at all.

So how can i get value of revolutions ?

That’s not possible, our ESC communication is done with a PWM signal in an unidirectional way (PixHawk → ESC).

It is possible if you have an ESC that supports telemetry, like BLHeli32 ESCs. We do not have any telemetry ESCs in our store.

Ok, that’s all. Thanks you guys.