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BESC30-R3 via I2C

(Łukasz Benatowicz) #1

Hello everyone,
I would like to connect ESC to micriocontroler via I2C. I read about this communication witch oldest version of driver, but i couldn’t find any solutions for the R3 version. I saw 4 smal pads on board. One of then is a GND and 3 others had voltage on 3.3 lvl . Are they SCL and SDA pins with Ground and 3,3V output pins ? If yes, which ones are ?

thank to everyone for any help.

(Jacob) #2

It is not possible to control the R3 escs via I2C. We do not have any I2C escs in our store.

(Łukasz Benatowicz) #3

OK, thanks at all.

(Łukasz Benatowicz) #4

So how can i get value of revolutions ?

(Patrick José Pereira) #5

That’s not possible, our ESC communication is done with a PWM signal in an unidirectional way (PixHawk → ESC).

(Jacob) #6

It is possible if you have an ESC that supports telemetry, like BLHeli32 ESCs. We do not have any telemetry ESCs in our store.

(Łukasz Benatowicz) #7

Ok, that’s all. Thanks you guys.