Basic 30A ESC (w/ forward/reverse firmware) on 3.3v possible?

I’m new to electronics but eager to learn. For a project I’m looking for a solution to control 6 motors with full reverse and forward speed with a raspberry pi. In my understanding the Pi isn’t that great in PWM signals thus the use of a extra board is necessary. I’ve found a “Adafruit 16-Channel PWM / Servo HAT for Raspberry Pi - Mini Kit” but that works on 3.3v. In my understanding the Basic 30A ESC works on 5v.

Is there a solution to make this work or are there other solutions to use 6 T200 with 6 Basic 30A ESC on a Raspberry Pi?

Thanks in advance!

The ESCs will work on 3.3v PWM signals. The Pixhawk in the BlueROV2 outputs 3.3V signals.


Hi Patrick,

The Basic ESC will work just fine with 3.3v signals so you should be able to use it with the Raspberry Pi PWM Hat.


Thanks guys, that’s great to hear.
Next step is to order the parts and start testing :slight_smile: