Battery drain question

@Rusty-Looks like my best scenario right now is to charge the motor power batteries overnight, then connect them to the ESC and close up the WTE right before I leave for the boat in the morning. I won’t be powering up the microcomputer and sending signals to the ESC until about two hours after leaving the house (first dive). I won’t be using the BEC for internal power, it comes from my surface control box with its’ own power source. So, the question is: how much current will be drawn by the ESC from the motor power batteries with no signal to the ESC?




I believe they draw about 0.5-0.6 Watts if the motor isn’t spinning. If that’s too much then I’d recommend connecting them through relays and a reed switch or provide relay power through the tether.



That should equate to about a 1/2 amp-hour from the battery (each motor draws from its own 5.2 amp-hr LIPo), which is acceptable. I am working on a relay setup but limited space is making it a challenge.

Richard, if you are looking to just switch the ESC’s on and off … use a solid state relay for a much smaller foot print and also you don’t have to worry about vibration issues with the contacts etc.

Here is a link from Newark to a couple of DC SSR units … they are not cheap but they will work an the company making these are pretty darn good. I got a ton of 5000 vdc relays in one of my testers from them.

You can search on other parameters. That was just some stuff I used to do a quick drill down.