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Battery charging over Tether

Hi BlueRobotics & Community,

I read your posts about Power over Tether solutions not being ready. For my application it would actually be enough to trickle charge the batteries over the Tether. Operation would be normally battery powered, but the batteries can not be removed from the vehicle for charging (has to stay under water even though inactive).

Has somebody already tried that? Is a small enough charger module available to be included subsea, maybe instead of one of the batteries, that can be driven using a low DC voltage down the Tether.



PoE is rated at max 5v/2a i think?

At that rate you should be able to charge at least each cell individually. You will need some sort of controller to balance the charging.

Should be possible. How long periods between operation do you have?

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Right now i would envision a 1 hour dive every day for example. So that would give 23 hours of charging…

So I found this on hackaday.io

Are you planning on using 2 or 8 wire tether?

Have you checked out this thread?

Max depth for sending power over regular tether

Yes, very helpful. Thank you b