Basic T200 control setup

I am trying to setup a T200 to run off a deep cycle marine battery. I want to be able to control the speed and direction/forward/reverse.

I have this speed controller.

I also have this.

Is there a way to get this to work? If so how?

Thank you

Your speed controller need to provide a pwm between 1100μs and 1900μs to work with Basic ESC.
About the direction, the T200 performance charts shows how the pwm will be handle, where: 1525μs-1900μs is the forward direction and 1100μs-1475μs the reverse, the motor has a deadzone of ±25μs around 1500μs.
Take a look in basic esc specification for more information.

Hi Gary,

Our new Thruster Commander is designed exactly for this: