Basic ESC safety time to stop motors

Does anybody know the safety time the Basic ESC will stop running motors if it does not receive the signals from a microcontroller?

Hi @Alex1, sorry for the delay on getting to this.

I’m aware that ArduSub has a few different failsafes built in, but for the ESC itself I’m not sure - I’ve asked internally to try to find out, as I’m currently away from my test setup so can’t try it myself.

I would expect that it’s on the order of tens of milliseconds before it assumes “no more signal” corresponds to “controller is now absent”, but it’s possible it’s a bit longer (note that we generally use a 200Hz update rate, and don’t recommend below 50Hz, which is a 20ms period). If you have an ESC and a microcontroller you can of course test it to find out :slight_smile: