Basic ESC response time / speed ramp

I am looking for ESCs having the fastest response time as possible.
By response time I mean the time between the moment I change the speed setpoint via the PWM input and the moment the motor reaches this new speed.
Beside mechanical considerations (inertia and others), does the Basic ESC, on its own, introduces any kind of “speed ramp”, or smoothing the setpoint, or is there any delay before applying it ?

Hi @Eric68,

Yes, the Basic ESC does have a low pass filter on the response to input, as governed by the “Startup Power” setting in the BlHeli_S firmware, we set it to 50% by default:

You could change this to the maximum 100% to reduce this behavior, but there may still be some filtering present at this setting. For more information, I would recommend delving into the manual, code, or reaching out to the author.

I would like to note that reducing the response time/ramping will significantly increase the stress on the thrusters, and may lead to a reduced lifespan.


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Adam, thanks for a fast and spot on reply.
I am now looking for ways to set up parameters and/or flash the firmware of the ESC if necessary.
The documentation provided on GitHub says "BLHeli ESCs can be divided into two different hardware platforms, depending upon whether they use a SiLabs MCU or an Atmel MCU. ".
Which case is the Basic ESC’s ?

Happy to help! The Basic ESC uses an SiLabs MCU, BlHeli Suite can easily be used to change the firmware settings.