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Basic ESC (missing components)

I was doing some wiring work on my DIY home-built ROV and when looking at one of my ESCs I noticed what appears to be missing components on the PCB. The image is shown below with the ESC in question (left side) compared to the way the other 3 ESCs of the same type appear (right side).

It seems like a voltage regulator and capacitor are missing. I know that there have been several versions of the basic ESC over the years so I wanted to ask if the missing components reflect a design change or if they came loose when I was removing things from the electronics tray a few nights ago (I wasn’t able to find any loose components inside the tray or on the floor). FWIW all ESCs and thrusters were working correctly prior to removal and I intend to test it separately but figured I would ask for piece of mind. If I am not mistaken I believe these are version 2 of the basic ESC.


Yes, those are both the R2 version of the Basic ESC. The one on the left is the version without the auxiliary 5 v (BEC) output, and therefore does not have the voltage regulating components populated.

Everything looks right!


Thanks for the clarification Adam. I just tested the ESC by itself and everything does indeed seem ok. I completely forgot about the lack of the BEC on the left ESC since I don’t use it and had long ago removed the BEC output pin on the connector of the ESC on the right.