Bar30 High-Resolution 300m calibration coefficients

Hi all, I am interfacing the the Bar30 pressure sensor via I2C, using a TI microcontroller. I am trying to Read the calibrations value from the sensor, but am unsure on what commands to use. The data sheets specifies that there are 6 calibration coefficients which must me read, using the commands A0 tO AC. Here’s where I am having trouble understanding, from A0 to AC there are 13 different commands, but only 6 coefficient are used. How do I know which commands to use?

thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

Hi @Class, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m not sure where you got those values from, but they’re not quite correct. The PROM is composed of 7 16-bit registers, where W0 is a bitmap for factory configuration and the CRC, and W1-W6 are for the 6 16-bit unsigned integer calibration coefficients.

The datasheet explains

Bits 0-3 of PROM read are 0b1010 = 0xA, and bits 4-7 are 0bxxx0 which is 7 values in the range 0x0 to 0xE, in steps of 2 (since the stop bit is always 0).

You may wish to refer to the implementation in our Arduino library: