Alternatives to electronics tray

Hi again everyone.

Slowly getting closer to testing out our low-cost deep sea remote underwater video system!
I wanted to ask if others have made their own alternatives to the electronics tray? I am trying to think of a way to keep things inside from tumbling all over the place without having to use 3D printing or such. One of the solutions we tried before was to use common kitchen sponges to “fill the gaps” so that the internal parts don’t fly everywhere during deployment but was wondering if this would also be applicable at greater depths. Thanks in advance for your answers!

Hi @Tides,

Something of an interesting question here - generally it’s difficult to manage a collection of electronics without anything to mount them to. I suppose you could cut and drill into a sheet of plywood or acrylic if you were after a custom subtractive approach rather than an additive one.

I don’t think there would be particular depth-related concerns with this approach (assuming your enclosure can handle the depths it’s going to), but I’d be concerned about overheating (since the sponges would restrict airflow), and also if any water ends up leaking into the enclosure it may get wicked up and pressed against the electronics by the sponges, which would be a shame.