Afro/Basic ESC output voltage

Hi All,

What is the output BEC voltage from the Basic/Afro ESC? (Voltage going to RC Receiver)

I have two T100s & Two Afro/Basic ESCs powered by one 12v battery for my RC boat setup and am wondering if there will be an issue connecting both ESCs to the receiver. I suppose I can disconnect one of the red power leads comming from one of the ESC’s to address this issue. Anyhow, I am keen to get input.


Yes, you should disconnect one of the ESC’s red power leads and let only one ESC BEC power the receiver as having both ESCs BECs running in parallel will cause problems.



Hi Darren,

TCIII is correct, you should disconnect all but one of the power leads from the ESCs plugging into a single reciever- otherwise, the BECs will “fight” each other and overheat. The Basic ESC has a BEC output of 5v at 500mA.