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AC Power over tether

(Basil Alias) #1

We are planning to power ROV using an External power supply using an Ac to DC converter inside the ROV instead of a battery. So, is it possible to supply AC voltage(230v @ 6Amps) through twisted pairs by combining 3 pairs(2 Amps on each pair) parallelly??

(Bo Koppel) #2

I do similar solution, 2 amps 240V AC on two pairs, one pair phase, one pair neutral in 100 m tether.
Using 25A converter onboard and current limiting in ROV parameters.

NOTE!! really dangerous regarding electric safety even with GFCI breaker !!

(Basil Alias) #3

Thankyou Koppel

(Michael) #4

What power supply are you thinking of using? I am looking into this also.

(Bo Koppel) #5

The budget 25 Amp has to be cut a bit in the corners (!!!), but works very good:

If You not like to cut a 240 V Powersupply (You really shouldnt) there is 16 Amp that fits right off: