A pixhawk, one battery and two T200?

I dont understand how your ESC works.

I have a single battery and a pixhawk. I want to order two T200 thrusters and 2x ESCs.
I assume I will need some kind of board that I connect the battery and both ESC to, and then use the board to power the pixhawk, the ESC, thrusters and send the output signals from the ESCs to the pixhawk. But I dont see this board on your website.

Hi @uchiha, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Electrical connections need to be made, but they’re direct connections so there’s no special PCB that’s required, just wires or a connector. Generally our vehicle electronics are set up on an electronics tray, which we offer a set of terminal blocks for, to make it easier to connect to the power supply and thrusters.

You can get those terminal blocks if you want, but if you’re using fewer connections then you may wish to get a similar set directly from an electronics supplier, without as many connection slots (just mind the current rating) :slight_smile:

Thansk for the quick reply :grinning:

I am not sure if I understood. Is this the correct wiring?

edit: I realize now that there are no signal wires going to the pixhawk :sweat_smile:

That should be reasonable for the powering (assuming you have a suitable battery voltage and capacity, and power module that can supply power as well as measure it) but the Thruster Commander in the bottom right corner shouldn’t be necessary if you’re using a Pixhawk - the signals should go to the Pixhawk main servo outputs.

If it’s relevant, our standard setup uses our Power Sense Module, which isn’t capable of powering the Pixhawk, so we also use a 5V6A BEC. Our setup diagram shows two BECs, but only one is necessary (it just shows where to connect the outputs).

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I understand much better now. Thanks a lot for your help :smiley:

One more thing.

The pixhawk output pins are top-down: ground, power, signal

But the Basic ESC has the ground and signal pins very close together.

I dont see how it can fit the ground and signal pins of the pixhawk

There’s a gap for the power pin, since it’s not used :slight_smile:

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