A New High Quality Underwater USB Camera

Hello Jim!

Yes, you could have both in higher quality firmware. However, we recently developed a new software that can adjust bitrate and compression and that only works with the lower bandwidth firmware. From there, you can adjust it to be higher quality. For that reason, from now on, we ship our exploreHD camera with the lower bandwidth firmware. :slight_smile:

The software installs on the Pi and other Linux based computer and can also automatically start stream. If you are not using Pixhawk or other functions and just want camera streams, you can use this software for streaming instead of ArduSub Companion. However, if you are using ArduSub Companion, this software can be installed alongside it. :slight_smile:

Here is the connection diagram we recommend if you are interested!

Streaming Latency

Streaming Method: UDP H.264 via Gstreamer

Streaming Device: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB RAM

Streamed Devices: 3 exploreHDs

Recieving Software: Open Broadcaster Software

Latency: 35ms ± 20