A New High Quality Underwater USB Camera

Hello everyone! Its been over a month since we first introduced the idea of a USB camera designed specifically for ROV application with its own separate housing. We wanted to follow up with some of the updates we made since then before shipment. The exploreHD will now features a fish eye lens with a slightly wider FOV than GoPro at an angle of approximately 150 Degrees Diagonal in water. The whole housing itself will now be anodized preventing risk of oxidation from galvanic corrosion.

We been working hard on fine tuning the colors on the camera but since the software is in beta, you now have an option to disable it with UVC camera controls by turning off automatic white balance.

We updated the manual and the github to offer clear written instructions on how to install the camera drivers!

We should be ready to ship these pretty soon but we want to make sure we are offering the best quality cameras before shipment. Let us know if you have any questions!

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