8 Vectored thruster Orphie Cam ROV

Hi All

The ever increasing array of new peripherals that so very much enhance the capabilities of small ROVs forces us to re-examine some of the old thinking about what an ROV can look like while still observing all the most important metrics such as payload, size, weight, operating time, cost etc. I wanted a design that had my usual heavy focus on hydrodynamics but also could incorporate an Orphie 300 camera or possible future cameras of comparable quality while still having a decent payload.
Attached are screenshots of what I have come up with. Specs are as follows.
Weight. 11.2 kg. Length 664 mm. Width 365 mm. Depth 233 mm. Twin 10 ah battery pack swappable without opening the body. DVL50 mount port. Payload is 4.1kg with 4 mm wall thickness and can be changed to allow for up to 10mm wall thickness which then reduces the payload to 2.3 kg. Body material is T6-6061 aluminum. Thruster sidemounts are Delrin. The version shown has Delrin thruster housings for M200s but standard T200s can be used also.