6K Cinema Camera and BR2

We have been successfully using our Blue Robotics 2 and Z-Cam Cinema camera. Both on a Natural History series episode and also for our own filming. Here is a short video from last week taken in around 50 meters depth.

I custom built the cargo bay and worked with an engineer to build the camera housing. The camera control runs through the ROV network to the surface. (Not shown in image below is the 2x 10 000 lumin lights I used to light up the scene) So far everything is running perfectly. Now to get it to 150 m.


Hi @Eikojnz, this is really cool to see - thanks for sharing! :smiley:

I love the quality of the footage, and it’s always fun to see our ROVs being extended in new and interesting ways.

By the way, I’ve changed your video link to be embedded, so it can be viewed from within the forum :slight_smile:

Hi Eiko,

Wow!! We always have people asking about integrating high-end cameras with the BlueROV2 and this doesn’t disappoint!! Would you mind if we shared this on our social media as well??

Thank you!

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Hi. Forsure. No problems. I’ve already helped out one other person duplicate this setup.

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Very nice footage!

Hello Eiko,
For the camera to topside connection, what type of wiring did you use?

Beautiful video. Thanks for sharing. I am always amazed at how the fish are not fearful of the blue monster in their midst.