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5 conductor cable for wetlink penetrator

Hello, anyone have any suggestions for an affordable 5 conductor polyurathane cable I could use with a wetlink penetrator? I am looking for a cable suitable for my Maxon motor hall sensor which requires 5 conductors. Cable will be submerged for up to 12 months in sea water.


Hi @Gmorton,

I’m assuming that’s a motor with a hall-effect sensor, so some of the wires are for powering the motor. Please say if that’s incorrect :slight_smile:

A couple of questions:

  1. Do you know the required electrical characteristics of the wires? (e.g. supply voltage + max current)
  2. How long of a cable do you need?

There are actually two cables, power and instrument. I thought I would have two connectors/cables, one for each.

For the hall sensor the 5 conductors are: 3 hall sensor connectors, GND and a small voltage supply for the hall sensor. The specs call for 24AWG, the voltage supply is 4.5-24VDC, it doesn’t spec current but it will be low.

Total length will be approx. 1.5meters.

5 conductor cables exist, but we don’t sell any and haven’t tested any (so I can’t recommend anything in particular). If your motor cable includes a ground wire then likely the easiest approach would be connecting the grounds together, and then using our 4-conductor 24AWG Ping Cable with one of the 4.5mm WetLink Penetrator (WLP) options for the power wire and the three sensor wires.

If that’s not possible then you may need to use 6 wires for the sensor cable. We’re currently testing to confirm that the 6-conductor cable we use in our Ping360 works with the 4.5mm WLP, but it only has 28AWG wires.

We’re also testing several other WLP sizes, which I tentatively believe should be releasing within the next few months. There should be a couple of 6 conductor 24AWG or thicker cables you could use with them (there are some on our list to test), but I’m not sure whether that’s soon enough for your project deployment.

Alternatively you could try to find some 5-conductor cables and test if they’re suitable with the existing WLPs, but we haven’t yet set up a guide for how to determine that suitability.

Great, thanks for the detailed response. I’ll have a think!

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