3D Printed Controller Accessibility Add-ons

Hi everyone,

I recently found out about The Controller Project, which

  1. Collects models of 3D-printable accessibility add-ons for standard gamepads and controllers
  2. Has links to a global group of people with 3D printers and/or design expertise, who can print models for people who need them

If you (or someone you know) could benefit from some accessibility improvements to their vehicle/game controller(s) then there’s an information and contact page available, as well as a library of pre-designed mods. As an example, here’s one that makes an xbox controller usable with a single hand!

They also have a volunteering page for anyone interested in joining the project :slight_smile:

I thought this was worth highlighting - it’s easiest to enable the future of marine robotics if everyone can help! :mechanical_arm: :smiley:

If you know of other relevant accessibility projects, or have ideas on how our products or software could be made more accessible, I’d love to hear about it! I’ve just added an accessibility tag to the forum, and we have existing accessibility labels on several of our BlueOS and Cockpit issues :slight_smile: