1D ping sonar for Fish finder

currently, I’m working on the Ping sonar sensor.
My objective is to make mobile software that can show fish distribution using a Ping sonar sensor.
is there any reference to start with? for example how to work with ping viewer so it also shows the fish location

Hi @ryan354,

The Ping Sonar has a 30 degree beam width, so may be poorly suited to finding individual fish (if that’s what you’re thinking).

If you’re actually talking about schools of fish, or quite large fish, then that may show up in the profile and the sonar’s distance estimate, in which case you can view the output in Ping Viewer, or communicate directly with the sonar using one of the libraries linked to in the technical details on the product page :slight_smile:

thank you for your sight!
Do you have thought about what kind of sonar will suitable for fishfinder that is available on the market rather than bluerov ping sonar?
I was going to use this smart fishfinder, but there is no complete documentation about the data communication.

Nope. It’s not something I’ve looked into before.

I imagine that will be the case with most such devices - as I understand it they’re generally intended for “users”, rather than people who might want to tinker with or modify them and/or integrate them into something else.

Thank you for your response!