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USB camera image formats

(Jacob) #21

You can do it. It is already configured. Simple rov 3, 4, 5 are all running the same code. Just plug in the thruster. I need to update the documentation to add the picture.

(曾琨智) #22

thank you very muchㄡ

(曾琨智) #23

Will the 3 and 4 thrusters be automatically corrected to maintain a horizontal attitude when diving?5555

(Patrick José Pereira) #24


If by “horizontal attitude” you are saying “roll”, yes.
Edit: Check my next comment.

(Patrick José Pereira) #25


There’s an issue open for simplerov frame.

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(曾琨智) #26

Thank you for your reply. This is also a project I am trying to learn. How to use the program you gave me. What should I do now? This is something I have never done before. I can trouble you to teach me step by step. Thank you very much. I have another problem at present. The 3.4 propeller is not synchronized. When the joystick pushes the dive, the 3 propeller first turns. When the rocker pushes up, the 4 propeller turns first. I saw what you gave me. The program seems to solve this problem too, is it? Still need to be adjusted. Thank you.

(Jacob) #27

Please make a video, I do not understand your problem. You should do all testing in MANUAL mode.

(曾琨智) #28

Yes, I am in manual mode, my ROV is now decomposed and I can’t take a movie for you.
Or do you teach me how to use https://github.com/bluerobotics/ardusub/blob/master/libraries/AP_Motors/AP_Motors6DOF.cpp#L178 this program thanks.