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The Consumer Grade ROV Is Here ;-)

(Philip Krug) #1

I stumbled across this Indiegogo crowdfunded consumer grade ROV this morning.

Touted as “…the deepest underwater drone in the world. Diving up to 150m(492ft), Titan can farther than any other drone to date and easily capture stunning underwater images and videos with its 4K 30fps camera.”

Looks like their kit has a “retail” of about $2,600 (USD) and a campaign price of about $1,800 (USD).

Interesting target market. In my humble opinion, this market is comprised of folks that will buy this, play with it a few times and then throw it on the shelf with all their other “toys”.

Geneinno makes a couple of other “underwater gadgets” including their Poseidon “underwater drone”

(TCIII) #2


Looks like they copied the OROV Trident as far as a topside controller and controller app goes.

OROV Trident Controller

Even though they show a viewable picture on the hand controller, I doubt that it looks that good in direct sunlight!

Also, I believe that OROV found that there was too much lag in the video when transmitting 1080p up the tether so they opted to transmit 720p real time and record 1080p in the Trident for later retrieval.