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Tether wfire gauage

how to choose (AWG)wire gauge for dc power transmission. can any one explain about outland technology ,how they choose the 23 AWG for 400v dc power transmission. there is any formula for calculate the AWG for higher voltage

Power supply modules have a max, and min operating voltage. By using a voltage drop calculator, you can determine the values that meet your needs. Like increasing the wire gauge for longer tethers. Or increasing the surface supply voltage for a given tether gauge.


For example, this DC-DC converter has a min-max range of 160-420VDC. http://www.vicorpower.com/documents/datasheets/DCM4623xD2K17E0yzz_ds.pdf.
Given the estimated maximum power you want, you can adjust the gauge, or length to meet this range.

thank you very much. any formula is their to calculate wire gauge,suppose voltage is 400V and power is 1800W then how to calculate AWG.

You will need your minimum voltage required at the end of the tether, and the length of the tether you want to use. Then we can calculate the minimum AWG needed

thank you very much.my tether other end voltage around 350v and my tether length is 100m.actually i
need formula to find the AWG for 400v ,1800w,100meter tether length.

High voltage, high current electricity transmission, in a wet environment, can be extremely dangerous. If you are not sure how to calculate voltage drop, it might not be the place to be tinkering…

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