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Set-and-forget pressure measuring options?

I want measure tide moments on beach (not deep port), so I was looking for the bar30 pressure sensor, but, found this:
The gel-filled sensor must be completely dried once per day or the pressure and temperature readings will drift.
I was looking for something I could drop (and probably anchor) to sea floor, wire up to my house/lab and have constant measurements without maintenance for at least half year.

BTW: I’m not trying a laser range finder first, becase I want 24hrs reading and I’m scare the sun over the range finder o sea will impede readings, also the waves may reflect in weird ways.

¿Any suggestions?

Hi @vera,

That’s indeed a bit tricky, I would recommend to put a single sensor for a couple of days until you get a uniform wet gel and monitor the drift with the second sensor that should be dry, and with that hopefully you’ll be able to identify the drift and correct that somehow with an observer algorithm, you could also add multiple sensors to correlate the drift and improve your measurement.

Thank, but now sure I fully understand you:
As the sensor position is key to consisten measure, I don’t think is a good idea to remove the anchor (probably a concrete block) from sea floor, so: Are you suggesting I need to dive to install the second one?
Could you explain / name / share a link to the phenomena that causes the drift so I can understand it better?

I was not aware of your setup conditions, if it’s not easy to add a second sensor to check for the drift it may be not a good alternative.

The datasheet, sadly, does not contain information related to wet gel operations.