Robotic Fish Build

Hey guys,

Just wanted to show off the robot I designed for a project.

I was thinking about making the robot design open source so someone else could rebuild it, modify it, or make it better. Any interest?


Very cool looking design!
I would be interested in an open source verison. Which servo model are you using?

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Hi @roboFisherman,

Cool design, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

I’m interested in non-standard methods of controlling underwater vehicles, and have added a link to this post as an example in my advanced control proposal/feature request for ArduSub. The sliding mass for pitch control was not something I’d considered before, and is a cool idea (that also makes a lot of sense to factor in as part of a robust dynamic buoyancy control system).

The more interesting open-source projects the better - even beyond your suggestions, it may be useful for people to see working examples of some of the mechanisms, and potentially just use specific parts of it in their own alternative vehicle designs :smiley:

If you do end up open-sourcing it, I’d recommend adding your 3D print files to Printables so they can be shared (by us and others) and replicated more easily :slight_smile:

Thanks! This is the servo used: HS-646WP Servo-Clockwise (stock)-Stock Rotation - ServoCity

When I get some more free time I’ll definitely look into putting the project online and I’ll post here about it.

Thanks. Also, this is a good feature request! When I was originally building this, I was looking into ArduSub as a potential way to control it, but just ended up writing mostly custom code for it because ArduSub didn’t have the control capabilities for this actuator setup at the time.

Thats a good idea. I’ll definitely keep it in mind when I get ready to put it up. I wish I documented in a way that it could be used like a guide for building and usage without any modification. It would have included that.

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We would be VERY interested in seeing how you executed this design. Rest assured we will building several clones of your design if you do post the build.

This reminds me of a more minimalist version of Michigan State University’s “Grace.” Gliding robotic fish GRACE 2.0 hitting Higgins Lake (Underwater View!) - YouTube I have also thought it would be cool to scale this design up 10x into a shark looking design for some laughs at our water robotics club meetups.

Thanks for sharing what you have so far!