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RGB Indicator Option

What would the possibility be of having a RGB or RGBW option for the LED Indicators?
I am looking at using these as a power indicator on a battery housing for a separate project, and have color change correspond to battery state, or system operational status.
I have not cracked one open, but looking at the CAD model, it looks like a standard 5mm LED epoxied into a modified bulkhead, is that correct?

If not offered as a standard option, would it be possible to order a few un-assembled sets to experiment with?

Hi Ryan,

We’ve considered making an RGB version, we just haven’t had a good reason to do it yet. There are a few things to decide, in particular would you want direct connections to each color or would you prefer a digitally controlled LED. There are some nice I2C LEDs that are easy to control from most microcontrollers.

The indicators do just hold a 5mm LED with a clear epoxy over the face to seal it.


I think for general purpose the individual connectors would be fine. Users could always just not connect the colors if they didnt need them. I2C LEDS would be cool (I did not know that they existed outside of the matrix systems), though I guess you still have the same wire count.

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Thanks for your input @RyanC!