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Hi all,
I have a colleague looking for help with a small project (retrieving 10-15 scientific instruments at depths to 140’) that is more than what I can support time-wise with my BlueROV2. Can anyone point me to a resource/forum/list for finding an ROV contractor in the US Pacific Northwest (or reply directly if that’s you)?

I live in the Pacific Northwest but it’s statistically likely that I’m too far away from wherever those instruments are. Can you say what body of water that they are in?

Columbia River (in a low-current region).

This is Mark with Pro-ROV Services. We’re out of San Diego and travel extensively. If you’d like to talk off line call me at 619-300-0549.

This dive might be out of my league right now since I took my BlueROV2 out in the Columbia River last winter during the low current season, and it was barely able to make headway against the slow current with 100% gain.
I live near the center of Washington state so I could possibly help if it’s located between McNary Dam to about Wanapum Dam, but I think you would be better hiring a professional ROV operator.

I would be interested in the data or resulting report if you are able to share it.

Mark- is that number correct? Voicemail message doesn’t seem right.

@ScottM This seems to be their website since the company name and the founder name on that website matches:

Well, it’s in the John Day reservoir and I’ve been told the current should be really minimal in winter. I just watched the recent example videos you posted, and with the combo of the gripper and the Ping, you’ve got the gear for the task. The difference would be towing a tag line with a carabiner. Let me know if you’re interested; even a one-day proof of concept trip might be worthwhile.


We are about 800 km away. Look us up at we would be glad to help.

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Sorry, 619-300-0540