Required voltage for the thrusters

Can we run the thrusters constantly for say 30mins with 16v or would that harm the thrusters. I would like to know what is the average thrust the thrusters can give if i am going to run them for 30mins. Would the thruster heat up if constantly run them at 16v

Hi @Vicky,

Our thrusters, as with all electric or electronic devices, will heat up over time under continuous use.

All our voltage ratings for the T200 assume continuous use, so you would be able to run at up 20 V full throttle continuously in normal conditions without ill effect.

The T100 runs a bit hotter, and can only be run at continuous full throttle for up to a minute. Please see the important notes in the Technical Details tab here.

As the thrusters heat up and the winding resistance increases performance will drop slightly, but it shouldn’t be noticeable.


Hi @adam What battery would I need to generate the maximum thrust for up to 2 hours run-time. My vessel will have two thrusters and I want to package the batteries in a watertight enclosure attached to the thuster housing so your 14.4V battery is on interest but not sure it can generate the max. thrust.

Hi @jimbo63,

The T200 is rated for operation at up to 20 V, and will produce the maximum thrust when run at full throttle with that input voltage (6.7 kg f / 14.8 lb f). It will draw about 30 A constant at that operating point in static conditions.

See the complete specifications in the technical details for more information.

Therefore you need a 20 V (or 5s lipo/li-ion) battery(ies) with a total capacity of at least:

(30 A per thruster) * (2 thrusters) * (2 hours) = 120 Ah.