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Ping360 X-CTU set message

Hi, i am using the X-CTU software to communicate with the Ping360. I’ve followed the notification example shown in the documetation and I get the same response when using the general_request message. However, now that i am trying to change the device ID using " set_device_id" message i am getting a “command not recognised”. The message that i am sending is this:

Byte Hex Dec
0 0x42 66 ‘B’
1 0x52 82 ‘R’
2 0x01 1 Because “set_device_id” payload is only 1 byte length
3 0x00
4 0x64 100 Because “set_device_id” is 100
5 0x00
6 0x00 0 Computer ID
7 0x02 0 Sonar ID
8 0x03 0 I want the ID of the sonar to be 03
9 0xFE 254 Checksum
10 0x00

I hope you can help me to deal with this.

Hi Manuel,

Sadly Ping360 does have this message, should be fixed in future firmware updates.